We Have an Instrument for Everyone

Classes are designed to give students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument at affordable rates. “Pre-Instrumental” classes are aimed at children aged five to six years and are an introduction to the world of music. We encourage older students to consider recorder or keyboard classes as a first instrument to prepare them for progress onto a more demanding instrument or if they are unsure which instrument they wish to play.

Instruments available are shown in the column on the right. Click on the instrument to see more information specific to that instrument.


Classes are funded jointly by the Ministry of Education and by parents’ contributions. The tuition fee for each class is $120 per year. Most instruments require a book or books to be purchased. Ask the teacher concerned if you would like an idea of the cost for a particular instrument’s tuition book.

Please note: Theory Classes will be $60 per year if taken in conjuction with an Instrumental class.


Orchestra and Band fees are free of charge for students enrolled in any one or more of these classes, provided they have already enrolled in an instrument tuition class. All advanced students are expected to participate in at least one of these groups.